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For Mechanical Vacuum Boosters

  • Industrial Processing: Filling Automotive Fluid Systems, Impregnating Windings, Drying Textiles, Sterilizers Evacuating Refrigeration Systems, Holding & Chucking, Central Systems for Electronic Assembly, Light Bulbs Manufacture, TV Tubes Manufacture

  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical: Degassers, Vacuum Distillation, Vaporators, Crystallizers, Vacuum Filters, Vacuum Dryers, Syringe Drying, HEPA Drying

  • Vacuum Furnace Industry: Heat Treating, Hardening, Melting, Optica Coating, Metallizing, and Degreasers

  • Food Processing Industry: Vacuum Packaging Fresh and Cooked Meats, Freeze Drying, Vegetable Oil Processing, Sugar Refining, Poultry Evisceration, Vacuum Cooling, Airknife Drying, Botte and Can Drying, and Package Drying

  • Semiconductor Industry: Crystal Growing, PCVDIon, Implantation, Sputtering, Plasma Deposition

  • Electrical Industry: Transformer Drying & Service, Transformer Oil Purifiers, Vapor Phase Drying

For Air & Gas Blowers

  • Milling & Baking: Blending & Conveying

  • Resin & Plastic: Processing & Conveying

  • Power Generation: Fly Ash Conveying & Aeration

  • Chemical: Vacuum Processing & Conveying

  • Wastewater: Aeration & Backwashing

  • Pulp & Paper: Chip Conveying, & Process Vacuum

  • Cement & Lime: Fluidization & Conveying

  • Oil & Gas: Gas Collection & Sparging

  • Soil Remediation: Vacuum Extraction & Sparging

  • Dry Bulk Handling: Trailer Unloading & Extraction

  • Glass: Burner Air & Mould Cooling

  • Vacuum Loader: For emptying Septic Tanks

  • Aquaculture: Aeration for fish farm

  • Electroplating: Aeration of plating tanks

  • Water Treatment Plants: For backwashing of filter beds

  • Effluent Treatment Plants: For diffused aeration and agitation of effluent

  • Cement Plants: For blending, aeration, fluidisation and conveying

  • Slurry Agitation: For maintaining the B.O.D. / C.O.D

  • Aquaculture: For maintaining the dissolved oxygen level

  • Biogas Boosting: Transferring of biogas from gasholder to boiler

  • Flocculation: To increase the removal of suspended solids in primary setting facility

  • Chemical Plants: For supplying of process air

  • Electroplating Plants: For oil free air agitation of electrolyte to maintain uniform density

  • Paper Plants: For coating of paper or knife edge

  • Yarn Drying: Vacuum or pressure drying of yarn

  • Polyester Chip Conveying and Drying: For transfer of polyester chips

  • Reverse Jet Filters: For reverse cleaning of filter bags

  • Pneumatic Conveying: Vacuum, pressure and combination conveying of cereals, cement, husk, baggage, granules, powders and other similar material the best performance