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Blower for Aquaculture Applications   Aqua-Series-Blower

100% Oil Free Air Blower 

Aqua Series Twin Lobe Rotary Air Blowers (Roots Blowers) are specifically designed to meet the electroplating, aquaculture, and aqua-farming requirements which essentially demand 100% Oil Free Air. These roots blowers are totally dry machines and lubricating chambers are physically isolated from the main gas chamber ensuring 100% oil free air delivery. For ease of operation and maintenance, the inlet and discharge connections are modified with Suction on the Top and the Discharge is Horizontally configured to minimize cumbersome piping.

These blowers have a major advantage over centrifugal and regenerative blowers as they are more power efficient, can handle high flow rates and are insensitive to water depth variations. They deliver, practically, a constant flow rate irrespective of back pressure - thereby maintaining dissolved oxygen levels. These machines are very versatile and can be run by electric motors or gensets. They have low maintenance and no internal adjustments resulting in prolonged free operation.

Standard Design & Constructional Features

• 100% Oil Free Air Delivery
• Capable of being run by Electric Motors or Gensets
• Alloy Steel Hardened and Ground Timing Gears
• Anti-Friction Bearings
• Rotary Oil Seals
• Rigid One-Piece Cast Iron Casing and Side Plates
• Easy Rotor Timing Setting
• Alloy Steel Toughened Shafts Ground to Close Tolerances

Download Performance Specifications - Aqua Series Blower