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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

Whitin the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries, the need to accurately understand and put togehter a comprehensive solution that makes sense is extremely important. 

Vacuum Blowers and Vacuum Boosters are used in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry for the following applications:

  • Degasification: Degasification is the removal of dissolved gases from liquids, especially water or aqueous solutions (Read More)
  • Vacuum Distillation: Vacuum distillation is a special method of separating compounds at pressures lower than the standard atmospheric pressure (Read More)
  • Evaporators: TMC Fluid Systems supplies vacuum blower packages and vacuum boosters for use with an evaporator to turn the liquid form of a chemical into its gaseous form (Read More)
  • Crystallizers: Crystallization is a chemical solid–liquid separation technique in which mass transfer of a solute (Read More)
  • Vacuum Filters
  • Vacuum Dryers

We also provide blowers and blower systems for:

  • Vacuum Processing
  • Conveying
  • HEPA Drying

 The following video shows a blower system being used in the chemical industry to agitate or mix a chemical solution using air.