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TMC Fluid Systems, Inc. specializes in providing air, biogas, and vacuum solutions to a very diverse Industrial market. Industries we serve include:

Automotive Industry

Drying various car parts that are rinsed or washed in the manufacturing process. Example includes removing moisture from engine blocks, brakes, transmissions, rear and front bumpers, etc. 


Also known as aqua-farming, aquaculture is typically used to mean the farming of aquatic organisms such as fish and aquatic plants. Particular kinds of aquaculture include fish farming, shrimp farming, oyster farming, and algae-culture (such as seaweed farming). TMCFS supplies turn-key air blowers systems for these applications that demand 100% Oil Free Air.


Within the Beverage industry, it is not uncommon for plant personnel to experience problems with inkjet coding, difficulty with correct application of labels to the bottles, stress corrosion, etc. We provide smart and custom solutions to dry bottles, cans, totes, etc. regardless of the speed of the application. Solutions include Drying Systems with any combination of AirTunnels, AirKnives, and Nozzles to make sure that "dry means dry". We also provide energy analysis when replacing compressed air drying and blow-off systems. Depending on actual plant conditions, we have successfully documented ROI in under six months.  


Within the Chemical industry, applications we have and continue to supply systems for include vacuum processing, conveying, as well as blow-off and removal of chemicals in various different applications. Example: removal of acids from wire and or various metals (sheets or coils) that need to be pickled or leached. 

Food Processing

Applications within the Food Processing industry include Vacuum Packaging of Fresh and Cooked Meats, Freeze Drying, Vegetable Oil Processing, Sugar Refining, Poultry Evisceration, and Vacuum Cooling. In addition, we also supply turn-key systems for Shrink Packaging as well as drying cans and pouches.

High Tech/Semiconductor Industry

The High Tech industry sets the bar for rapid change. Our Engineered Air Blower Systems and Airknife (Air Knife) Solutions are widely used by our clients who make PC Boards, Compacts Disks, Fiber Optic Cable, Hard Drives, Wafers, and even Solar Panels.In 1989, an international treaty was signed to protect the ozone layer by reducing the production of substances that are responsible for ozone depletion. As as result, the industry has seen a shift from using environmentally harmful solvents to water-based cleaning solutions. TMC Fluid Systems continues to work within the industry to Engineer, Design, and Supply energy efficient Airknife (air knife) Drying Systems.  

Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers continually work in an extremely critical environment and have repeated needs for drying. Applications include drying Surgical Needles, Prosthetics, I.V. Pouches, and Surgical Instruments to name a few. Our Engineered Blower Systems and AirKnife (Air Knife) Solutions have been chosen for a number of medical device and related product applications requiring "clean" air. We design and supply Air Systems with filtration (HEPA 0.3μ or ULPA 0.1μ).

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing includes turn-key energy efficient AirKnife (Air Knife) Drying and Blow-off Systems for removing moisture and dirt/debris from Finished Metal Frames, Plumbing Fixtures, Hardware, and various Auto Parts (like bumpers, transmissions, axels, etc.). With demands for quicker processing time, heaters and dryers are not always the most effective and efficient solution - especially if drying by evaporation leaves spots behind. TMC Fluid Systems engineers and designs AirKnife (Air Knife) Drying Systems for miscellaneous parts whether they are traveling on a belt or mesh conveyor, monorail, or automatic and manual hoists, based on your exact needs. 


From Supplying Dust Blow-off Systems to customizing solutions for supplying De-Inonized Air, Product Conveying (including Pneumatic Conveying), and Vacuum Hold-Down, TMC Fluid Systems has the experience to design and provide you with the most efficient and effective solution for your application. Our solutions also include turn-key solutions for Gas Conveying.  


TMC Fluid Systems continues to AirKnife (Air Knife) Drying Systems within the textile industry to remove excess liquids used for cooling and coating which must either be removed or removed to the extent that the coating thickness of the liquid is accurately maintained.

Tire & Rubber

Tire and rubber manufacturing can become hindered by the presence of water on the product. Whether cooling water with talc after the banbury or after the molding of tread and side walls, TMC Fluid Systems has designed AirKnife (Air Knife) Drying Systems to ensure that water does not compromise the molding/bonding process. AirKnife (Air Knife) Drying Systems are also used to remove moisture/water from weather stripping, door seals and other extruded shapes.

Wire & Cable

TMC Fluid Systems has designed and supplied AirKnife (Air Knife) Drying Systems for drying Plastic Coated Wiring, Fiber Optic Cables, Coaxial Wire, Romex Wire, and even Mesh. Depending on your application specifics, i.e. product size and line speed, we can design and supply the most efficient and effective system documenting guaranteed results.