Converting to Green Gas Grid 'Could Be Vital'


Converting to a low carbon gas grid could be a vital part of the UK’s decarbonization journey.

That’s according to a new report published by think tank Policy Connect and forum Carbon Connect, in collaboration with a cross-party group of politicians and the energy sector.

It suggests the low carbon gases of greatest interest are biogas, biomethane, bio-synthetic natural gas (bioSNG), biopropane and hydrogen.

The report says integrating these gases in the grid could substantially reduce emissions from heat and transport.

It says policy changes need to accelerate this process – however, due to long term uncertainties decisions made in the short term should not shut off potential options prematurely.

Instead it suggests government should focus on exploring bioSNG technology in more depth, reducing barriers to adopting biomethane and figuring out the full cost, safety and implications of a hydrogen grid.

Mitya Pearson, Energy Policy Specialist at Policy Connect and Co-Author of the report, said: “Heat for buildings alone accounts for around 40% of our energy consumption.

“The emissions associated with this will need to fall to almost zero by 2050 if we are to meet our legally binding climate change targets.”

Article cited from: https://goo.gl/RS3umi 



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