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High Efficiency Aluminum Air Knife High Efficiency Stainless Steel Air Knife

 Aluminum Airknife and Stainless AirKnife

TMC Fluid Systems manufactures air knives in both Aluminum and Stainless Steel. The "XJ" type High-Efficiency Aluminum AirKnife and the "XJS" type High-Efficiency Stainless Steel AirKnife are engineered and manufactured to provide maximum efficiency. These AirKnives come standard in 3" diameter and 4" diameter inlets. For certain applications, due to design requirements or space contraints, we can also provide AirKnives with 2" diameter inlets.

Both Stainless Steel and Aluminum Airknives are available in various length segments, ranging from 2" to 120" or longer if needed. Custom lengths and configurations are also available.

Some example of available air knife configurations include:

  • Dual Inlet AirKnives
  • Middle Inlet AirKnives
  • Dual Middle Inlet Airknives

Standard Design & Constructional Features

  • Available in both Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction
  • Superior flow characteristics - increased flow coefficient
  • Ideal for caustic and food grade applications
  • Up to 53% increase in impact air velocity
  • Removes moisture from twice the distance when compared to standard efficiency, round tube airknives
  • Reduced sound levels than compressed air airknives
  • More energy efficient than round-tube and compressed air airknives

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