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Turbo Blowers

In recent years, the need for a blower to delivery larger flow rates at higher differential pressure has become an essential requirement in many industries.

The TURBO ONE blower is equipped with a high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, boosting its maximum efficiency to approximately 98%.

The technology convergence between a high-speed control inverter and a precisely milled impeller through five-axis processing creates energy savings . The optimized controller operates the turbo blower and its controlling logic system, enabling it to run flexibly.

Contrary to using ball bearings, the airfoil bearing used in the motor never comes in direct contact with the shaft. Instead, it uses compressed air generated during high-speed rotation, as a lubricant. This is the exact reason why there is no need for a lubricanting oil or maintenance.

The Turbo Blower Package is truly "Vibration-Free" and "Low-Noise" and provides a suitable and eco-friendly work environment.

Turbo Blower 


Energy Efficient

Low Maintenance Cost

Vibration Free

Compact Size

• Saves up to 45% of energy relative to comparable blower

• Non-lubricating air-foil bearings

• Only the Inlet/Suction Filter needs replacing

• Magnetic levitation shaft allows for a vibration-free operation

• 75-80 dB equipment - requires no additional need for acoustic enclosures

• The size of our Turbo Blower is only one third (1/3rd) the size of a Positive Displacement Blower


Turbo Blowers Cost Comparison


  • Flow Rate: from 106-cfm to 17,600-cfm
  • Pressure: from 4.2-psi to 14.2-psi
  • Shaft Power: from 10-HP to 600-HP   

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