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Accessories for Airknife Drying Systems

A Turnkey Airknife Drying System requires more than just a blower and airknives.

TMC Fluid Systems also offers standard components available from our off-the-shelf inventory.


Manifold for Airknife Drying Systems

Manifolds are used when an Airknife Dring System or an Airknife Blow-off System requires more than two airknives.

The inlet of the manifold is plumbed to the discharge of the blower.

Manifolds are available with either two, three, or four 3" diameter or 4" diameter discharge ports which make it easier to connect hoses or tubing directly from the manifold to the airknives.

Benefits of using a Manifold

  • minimal flow losses
  • cleaner installation
  • minimal loss of pressure when configured and used correctly


Airknife Support Brackets

Airknife Support Brackets

In the food and beverage industry, with plants bottling and/or filling various different sizes and shapes of bottles and cans, it is never conducive to fit the airknives and forget.

More often than not, with speeds ranging from 600-cans per minute to 2,500-cans per minute (depending on the size of the can), it becomes necessary to change the impingment angle of the airknives as well as the height.Airknife Support Brackets allow Operations and Plant Managers the freedom to adjust the airknife quickly and easily.

Benefit of using an Airknife Support Bracket

  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Flexible yet strudy mounting



Air Nozzles

In some applications, it becomes necessary to supplement and enhance the drying/blow-off system with nozzles.

Nozzles are availabe from 0.5" to 2" sizes.

Benefits of using Air Nozzles

  • Concentrated and directed air flow
  • Highly Focussed dischrage