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Bottle Drying and Can Drying 

Bottling Plant

The Beverage Industry is highly competitive with new products being introduced at an amazing pace. Each product launch means increased competition and while for some it means loss or dilution of market share, for others it signifies a gain of market share.

In today's consumer driven market, product packaging and product aesthetics is just as important as the quality of the beverage.

TMC Fluid Systems supplies Airknife Drying Systems (also commonly referred to as Air Knife Drying Systems) to the Beverage industry to remove moisture.

We have seen problems with application of shrink labels, pressure sensitive labels, shrink labels, roll fed labels, and cold glue labels etc. Our Airknife Drying Systems are designed to effectively and efficiently remove condensate or moisture just prior to the labeling station and deliver an aesthetically labelled product - minimizing energy usage and wastage.

In Aluminum and Steel Beverage Cans, beverage companies face problems with inkjet coding, and for carbonated drink manufacturers, even stress corrosion. TMC Fluid Systems can provide Airknife Drying Systems that can effectively and efficiently dry cans traveling at speeds of up to 2,000-cpm (can per minutes) and faster.

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