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What are Mechanical Vacuum Boosters?

Mechanical Vacuum Booster Pumps are used in a growing number of applications where fast pump down times are required, and environmental or energy usage concerns rule out any alternative pump selection.

Mechanical Vacuum Booster Pumps enhance the performance, ultimate
vacuum, as well as the pumping speed of oil-sealed/water-ring/dry vacuum type of mechanical pumps, which are widely used in the industry.

Everest Mechanical Vacuum Booster

Operating Principle

Everest Mechanical Vacuum Boosters are positive displacement pumps with two figure eight shaped impellers that rotate in opposite directions, inside the casing. As each lobe of an impeller passes the blower inlet, it
traps a quantity of air equal to exactly one fourth the displacement of the blower.

This entrapment occurs four times per revolution, and this air is then forced around the case to the blower outlet.

Timing gears accurately position the impellers in relation to each and are essential in maintaining the minute clearances that are vital to the high volumetric efficiency of the pump.

Key Features

  • Mechanical Vacuum Boosters help boost vacuum levels of backing pumps, thereby reducing process temperature
  • Mechanical Vacuum Boosters boost volumetric displacement, thereby reducing process time