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Why use a Dry Vacuum Pump?

Dry Vacuum pumps are not only environmentally friendly and are low on emissions, but they also help enhance the productivity of manufacturing facilities, by improving the yield of the product being produced. They provide a unique benefit of product collection at the discharge of the pump, without any contamination. 

Known for their faster pump-downs, these dry vacuum pumps have higher operational volumetric efficiency, and are also compact in size offering a reduced footprint. Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps (DSVPs) typically don't need auxiliary support pumps and generate faster and deeper vacuum levels.  

In short, they are the future of vacuum technology.

What's a Dry Vacuum Pump? 

A pump is defined as a DRY Vacuum Pump when the pump's functional area (pumping chamber), is completely dry/oil-free, and there is absolutely no sealing fluid (Oil/Water) used. As the name suggests, Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps do not use any fluid to create a vacuum. This reduces the possibility of process gas contamination or the production of effluent.  

There are often clear savings in running and maintenance costs for dry vacuum pumps when compared with wet vacuum pumps. 

The pump can also be used to recover uncondensed vapor (carry over vapor), of the solvent.

Dry Vacuum Pumps:

Dry Vacuum Pumps, by virtue of their construction and metallurgy, therefore become the preferred choice for pumping some of the most aggressive process gasses or vapors in the Chemical and Process Industry and are amongst the best suited for handling such vapors in processes like distillation, solvent recovery and crystallization.
Type of Dry Vacuum Pumps: 

  1. Roots Vacuum Pump 
  2. Dry Screw Vacuum Pump 
  3. Dry Claw Vacuum Pump 
  4. Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump  

Although there might exist many more pump combinations, these are the principle different design categories.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps – A Focus on Construction

There are two (2) screw rotors that rotate within a cylinder that makes up a Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps. The gas is trapped between the cylinder and the screw chambers and transported to the gas discharge.
To create a vacuum, it is important that the screws are kept in close proximity, typically with paper thin clearances. 

Due to these tight tolerances, there is a tendency for the product vapor to solidify or polymerize within the pump which can lead to choking/ jamming. 

Suitable precautions and safeties for this can be installed to ensure that the process material that enters the pump does not lead to solidification within the pumps. The pump should be operated at an optimum running temperature so as to minimize the condensation within the pump. Pump internals are either coated or made of special alloy steel to prevent the pump from any type of damage when pumping toxic vapors.

Pre-Commissioning, if done properly, can also ensure long product lifecycle with trouble free operation. These pumps have very few contact components and thus Dry Vacuum Pumps see minimal wear and tear, which drastically improves and enhances the meantime between failures for such pumps.

Since the whole technology is indigenously designed and patented, the dependence on any third party is non-existent, and we have a 100% success ratio of ensuring the pump operates to its full potential for continued operation for many years. We can also offer 100% service and rebuilding of the pump with the shortest downtime possible. This whole ecosystem was built for our customers to ensure that we can deliver impeccable service.


  1. 100% Dry Vacuum Pumping, No Contamination of Process Vapor with Sealing Fluid. 
    1. 100% Product Purity Intact, No Contamination 
    2. 100% Product Process Vapor Condensation/Recover possible
  2. NO STEAM, NO WATER, NO OIL as sealing fluid in contact, low cost of Operation and Utility
  3. Rugged and Robust Design for Harsh Environments reducing downtimes by more than 27% over other similar technologies
  4. Gen III (2021) Patented Design Hybrid Pitch Screw having high volumetric efficacy leading to consistent vacuum levels without any fluctuation
  5. High Product YEILD
  6. High Product QUALITY
  7. Triple Sealing on suction (Patented) leading to higher ultimate blank-off vacuum of up to 10-3 
  8. Up to 33% more power efficient as compared to conventional similar sized vacuum pumps. Lowest (m3/kw) power consumption ratio. Lowest Power Consumption ratio (m3/kW) 
  9. Special Alloy Steel, Coated/Plated Screw and Casing capable to pump TOXIC and CORROSIVE VAPOR without much adverse effect
  10. High Vapor/Liquid Handling Capability as compared to a VARIABLE PITCH screw design thus Preferred for applications handling Vapor
  11. Top Suction, Bottom Discharge Design best suited for pumping high vapor which has tendency to condense within the pump
  12. Up to 37% reduction in batch time when compared to WET PUMPS 
  13. Best in INDUSTRY VALUE FOR MONEY Proposition. 


  1. 100% Product Purity Intact, No Contamination 
  2. 100% Product Process Vapor Condensation Possible 
  3. High Speed Operation, High Volumetric Efficiency and Low Slip losses 
  4. Best Suited for Harsh Tropical Conditions and Outdoor Installations. Thermal clearances and heat dissipation calibrated accordingly 
  5. Gen III (2021) design with optimized High Efficiency Screw Rotor Profile 
  6. Triple Sealing on suction (patented) leading to higher ultimate blank-off vacuum of up to 10-3
  7. Up to 30% more efficient from similar size conventional Vacuum Pump 
  8. Low Power Consumption ratio (m3/kW)